My love for making storyboards and comics can be traced back to learning to read from Calvin and Hobbes at the age of three (which arguably had more advanced vocabulary than most children's books). Growing up with these comic strips and a particularly witty grandfather have made me finely attuned to finding comedic situations and stories from my daily life. While obtaining my Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, I found the field of storyboarding to be very exciting, as it combined my interests in comics and film. I feel my storyboarding is at its most natural when I'm trying to make people laugh, but I am adaptable to a wide variety of tones, genres, and art styles. Not only am I committed to surprising audiences with fresh and new ideas of my own, but I also find facilitating and expanding on the storytelling visions of my team members to be incredibly gratifying.
     My hobbies include movies, games, and outdoor long distance running. I currently am open to work storyboard artist and storyboard revisionist positions!

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