"Out of the Loop" 5 Minute Short film Animatic, Procreate 2020 -  Edited the film in Premiere Pro, I also wrote the story and voiced the characters
"On the Lam" Scene Storyboard Animatic Illustrated in Procreate 2020. This animatic was done in a short time compared to the others, showing my ability to convey shots and emotion through loose, fast drawings.
"Music Video Animatic" 2020 Illustrated in Procreate, Edited in Adobe Premiere
"Selkie Legend" Story Panels 2020 Illustrated in Procreate, Based on short story about Selkies, mythical Scottish seal maidens
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"Jack and the Beampod" Storyboard Excerpt 2020 Storyboard illustrated in Adobe Photoshop
"Breakfast at Sea" Storyboard 2020 Illustrated in Autodesk Sketchbook
"From One Thief to another" Storyboard Illustrated on Procreate
(Click on one of the images to view individually)
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